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      Freely cooperates with mpefm
      Mpefm offers free inclusion of your data in the directory of the sites of modern and contemporary art in the world.

      Publish your website
      If you are an Artist can be present in our directory with the link to your site, e-mail, the link to social networks and two images of your works.

      If you are a gallery not to be missed with the link of the website, email, two images of the gallery, the portfolio of selected artists, connect to social networks.

      If the artist or the gallery does not want to publish images or are covered by the same copyright the simple request will result in the removal of the same from the site.
      Images can be updated for free.
      The service is free.

      Post Your Press Release
      Press Release section, divided by country, issues press releases, news, reviews, information on exhibitions and events up to date while Section Archived Press Release contains the archived files.
      The service is free.

      Participate in the research on Art Galleries
      Every year towards the end of year mpefm asks you to answer a questionnaire to define the market in modern and contemporary art in the current year and the forecast for the following year on the supply side (Artists) and demand (Galleries).
      Your participation is very important and the results will be sent to respondents in preview and then published on the website
      An example of the questionnaire is present in the website under the heading Questionnaire and the full report for Italy under the heading Report 2012-2013.

      If you have any suggestions on topics to be included in the questionnaire send email to